New publication ‘Sorry, we’re Closed’

Now available @republiekgallery  my new book ‘Sorry, we’re Closed’. The publication measures 22 x 31cm, 128 pages. The order can be completed with a signed limited edition fine Art print 18 x 24cm in edition of 50. Sorry, we’re Closed During the 2020 lockdowns, I started capturing the deserted shopping streets of London. The scene was…

  • 24_SWC_SabrinaBongiovanni2021

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  • 09_SWC_SabrinaBongiovanni2021

  • Kate Spade, London 2020

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  • 02_SWC_SabrinaBongiovanni2021

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  • 03_SWC_SabrinaBongiovanni2021

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SORRY, WE’RE CLOSED / Exhibition & Publication

'SORRY, WE'RE CLOSED' EXHIBITION + BOOK  During the 2020 lockdowns, Sabrina Bongiovanni started capturing the deserted shopping streets of London. The scene was uncanny and unreal: lonely mannequins posing in windows, surprised by the sudden lack of consumers, unable to sell garments nobody wanted. Empty windows, covered storefronts – some without clothes, just backdrops and…

Anne de Grijf

Creative Direction and Campaign Photography for Anne de Grijf. The fictional billboard campaign was photographed around the designers studio in Amsterdam North. This simple concept suits the way Anne de Grijf offers her services. Made to measure, design to measure and made te order. All produced local and sustainable. Style by Marleen de Jong.

  • 05_ADG-W_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2020

  • 01_ADG-W_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2020

  • 02_ADG-W_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2020

  • 01_ADG_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2020

  • 02_ADG_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2020

  • 06_ADG_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2020

  • 05_ADG_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2020

  • 06_ADG-W_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2020

  • 04_ADG-W_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2020

  • 04_ADG_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2020

  • 03_ADG-W_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2020

  • 03_ADG_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2020

ADG – Ready to Measure

Concept and Photography for Anne de Grijf collection 2020. Menswear in collaboration with Poul Brouwer. Style Marleen de Jong
  • 04_Rootstein_SabrinaBongiovanni2020

  • 01_Rootstein_SabrinaBongiovanni2020

  • 03_Rootstein_SabrinaBongiovanni2020

  • 02_Rootstein_SabrinaBongiovanni2020

Helga & Dawn

Rootstein, 2019 Models: Helga Remane & Dawn Leak @Rootstein Mannequins. Concept, Set Design and Photography Sabrina Bongiovanni. In close collaboration with Marleen de Jong
  • 04_Mannequins@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

  • 03_Mannequins@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

  • 02_Mannequins@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

  • 01_Mannequins@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

Mannequin sculptures

Self portraits shot at my home in Amsterdam. Style models own.
  • 04_TwekaSS21@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

  • 02_TwekaSS21@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

  • 03_TwekaSS21@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

  • 01_TwekaSS21@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

Tweka 2020

Concept, Set Design and Photography for Tweka Swimwear SS2020. Style Marleen de Jong
  • 04_TwekaSS20@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

  • 01_TwekaSS20@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

  • 07_TwekaSS20@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

  • 05_TwekaSS20@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

  • 03_TwekaSS20@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

  • 11_TwekaSS20@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

  • 06_TwekaSS20@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

  • 02_TwekaSS20@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography

Tweka 2019

Tweka Swimwear SS Campaign 2019 Concept, Set Design and Photography Model: Nadya Kurgan Style: Marleen de Jong Mua: Kathinka Gernant Set design: Noman Studio
  • 06_MOAM@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2019

  • 05_MOAM@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2019

  • 08_MOAM@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2019

  • 02_MOAM@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2019

  • 07_MOAM@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2019

  • 03_MOAM@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2019

  • 04_MOAM@SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2019

The sun always shines on TV

Moam Amsterdam Book The book ‘MOAM contemporary fashion & arts in amsterdam’ is a reference work full of fashion, art and photography that pays a tribute to the contemporary Dutch creative industry. Models: Sandie, Eva and Caroline @Rootstein Mannequins Style: Marleen de Jong

The New World off Tweka!

This year the rebranding for one of the worlds oldest swimwear brands was launched. I was commissioned to develop a radically different photography concept and shoot the Spring Summer campaign for this amazing Dutch heritage brand from 1916. 

  • 02_TWEKASS18-SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2018

  • 07_TWEKASS18-SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2018

  • 06_TWEKASS18-SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2018

  • 01_TWEKASS18-SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2018

  • 08_TWEKASS18-SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2018

  • 00_TWEKASS18-SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2018

  • 04_TWEKASS18-SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2018

  • TWEKAFW18_04_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2018

  • TWEKAFW18_01-SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2018

  • TWEKAFW18_06_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2018

  • TWEKAFW18_05_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2018

Tweka 2018

Tweka Swimwear SS Campaign 2018 Concept, Set Design and Photography This year the rebranding for one of the worlds oldest swimwear brands TWEKA was launched. I was commissioned to develop a radically different photography concept and shoot the campaign for this amazing Dutch heritage brand from 1916.  Model: Romee Trouw Style: Thomas Vermeer Mua: Suzanne Verberk…
  • 09_NRC_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2017

  • 04_NRC_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2017

  • 10_NRC_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2017

  • 06_NRC_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2017

  • 08_NRC_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2017

  • 05_NRC_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2017

  • 07_NRC_SabrinaBongiovanniPhotography2017


NRC / Het Blad Buitengewone Mode style: Milou van Rossum hair: Daan Kneppers makeup: Sandra Govers